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Come on an adventure of your soul with Ilona Selke, internationally bestselling author & seminar leader of over 35 years, having reached over 250,000+ people.


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Come with us on an adventure of your Soul!

Train the immense power of your thoughts, and deeper layers of your consciousness!

Know your True North, which is an abitlity that will be more and more important as AI progresses to enter our lives.

Discover how to harness your mind's innate ability to create and manifest your desires.

  • Transform your thoughts, transform your world.
  • Navigate your life with heightened intuition and purpose.
  • Harness the power of the universe within you.

Learn how to shift from a problem centered mindset to a solution centered mindest, under my expert guidance.

Benefit from my decades of effective trainings, which I have refined and shared globally over the past 35+ years.

I will teach you to focus your mind like a laser, training you in how to focus your consciousness, your souls signature, your thoughts, so that you can experience tangible realities.

Start your journey with me here today and reshape your world with the power of a solution-oriented mind.


Welcome to your Journey of Discovery of what is possible.

Once you start harnessing the power of zour attention, focus, your vision and your emotions, you will see the sinchronicities increase in your life and your fulfillment increase.

Are you searching for a deeper meaning in your life?

Do you find yourself tangled in the web of stress and anxiety, yearning for peace and clarity?

Or perhaps you're on a quest for personal growth, eager to transform into the best version of yourself.

You're in the right place.

Hi, I'm Ilona Selke, multi- besteslling international author and seminarleader and co-creator wiht Dr, Rod Newton of the Living From Vision™ course.

We are here to guide you through an enlightening path toward finding purpose, serenity, and self-improvement.

I have been teaching consciousness interactive techniques around the globe for the past 35 years, and have developed unbeatable tools that work and that get results.

Here on this Online-School you can learn, inquire, deep-dive and grow and formost disocver the deeper meaning of what it means to be human!

What is our life about? What are we here to master? Does Life have a deeper meaning? What are the laws of the universe?

Let us explore this together!

Here in this school, we'll explore effective strategies of transformation, meditation, imagery, self-hypnosis, and spritual awakening to make a positive change in each of our lives.

Personal growth, like the path to enlightement as well, is an exciting journey, not a final destination!

As your guide, I'll be with you every step of the way, helping you evolve your full potential.

Whether it's cultivating self-love, enhancing your relationships with others, or embarking on a path of spiritual awakening, or finetuning your manifestation skills, our journey together is tailored to your unique needs.

Together, we'll navigate these complex waters, enhancing your connections to like-minded people, as in the 365-Day Course, and fostering deeper, more meaningful relationships as you envision each and every day positively in advance.

Or in the Living From Vision Teacher™ Training, where we walk together with you on your journey to become an empowered, knowledgable guide yourself, helping others gain access to their higher functions of the mind and soul

And for those drawn to the spiritual realm and the deepening of your spiritual self, our journey will take us into the depths of your soul.

We'll explore and deepen your connection to the universe, unlocking mysteries and discovering new realms of existence.

Your journey towards a more fulfilled, peaceful, and enlightened life can start right now, right here.

Let's embark on this transformative adventure together.

Welcome on your Soul's Adventure,

yours Ilona Selke


🌟 ABOUT ILONA SELKE: Ilona Selke is an international bestselling author, musician, and seminar leader whose work has touched the lives of thousands across the globe.

With a career spanning over four decades, Ilona has dedicated her life to teaching that we live in a consciousness interactive universe, inspiring, and guiding humans with practical steps on their path to personal growth and Soul´s fulfillment.

Ilona, together with her husband Don Paris Ph.D (h.c) has also been the CEO of Living From Vision since 1990, offering courses that help individuals align with their life's purpose, and the creator and owner of the Shambala Oceanside Retreat Center in Bali since 2009.

Her journey has led her from the mystical waters of Hawaii to the serene nature of the Pacific Northwest, and the sanctuaries of Bali, imparting wisdom about the deep intelligence of dolphins, the power of meditation, expanding consciousness, and the art of problem-solving on a higher dimension.

📘 BOOKS & PUBLICATIONS: Ilona's literary contributions include five bestselling books, such as Wisdom of the Dolphins, Dolphins, Love and Destiny, and Dream Big - The Universe Is Listening and a child's book Alin Learns To Use His Imagination. Her books have been translated into ten languages. She also co-authored to books, one with Brian Tracy in '#Success Blueprint' and Jack Canfield in 'The Big #Secret'. Dive into the wisdom of dolphins and the tranquility of meditation through her writings.

📺 MEDIA & APPEARANCES: Featured on many television and radio shows and many summits, even having her own TV show called the WBTVN, Ilona's expertise has been sought after in interviews and quoted in various books and films.

As a respected speaker at many prestigious conferences, including the TEDx stage, she brings her unique insights and experiences to a global audience.

🐬 CONNECTING WITH NATURE: For twelve years, Ilona and her husband have lived near a dolphin beach in Hawaii, owned a Dolphin Watch Boat for over 10 years in Florida, and now continue to live near the dolphins and cetaceans in their two island homes in the Northwest Pacific and in Bali.


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Discover all the different online courses offered by Ilona Selke in English


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